domingo, 15 de maio de 2011

Could I Leave You?

Há muitos anos eu me apaixonei por Stephen Sondheim quando vi um programa do Inside the Actor's Studio que era com ele. Uma das coisas que o apresentador do programa, James Lipton, ressaltou foi a forma como o Sondheim conseguia escrever toda uma história nas canções. Para ilustrar isso, um casal de atores cantou algumas das músicas de vários musicais. A que realmente me apaixonou foi Could I Leave You?. Tanto assim que escrevi um conto em cima dele. Ontem, eu achei uma versão com a maravilhosa Carol Burnett no YouTube. E aproveito para colocar a letra também.

Leave you? Leave you?
How could I leave you?
How could I go it alone?
Could I wave the years away
With a quick goodbye?
How do you wipe tears away
When your eyes are dry?
Sweetheart, lover,
Could I recover,
Give up the joys I have known?
Not to fetch your pills again
Every day at five,
Not to give those dinners for ten
Elderly men
From the U.N.--
How could I survive?
Could I leave you
And your shelves of the World's Best Books
And the evenings of martyred looks,
Cryptic sighs,
Sullen glares from those injured eyes?
Leave the quips with a sting, jokes with a sneer,
Passionless lovemaking once a year?
Leave the lies ill-concealed
And the wounds never healed
And the games not worth winning
And-wait, I'm just beginning!
What, leave you, leave you,
How could I leave you?
What would I do on my own?
Putting thoughts of you aside
In the south of France,
Would I think of suicide?
Darling, shall we dance?
Could I live through the pain
On a terrace in Spain?
Would it pass? It would pass.
Could I bury my rage
With a boy half your age
In the grass? Bet your ass.
But I've done that already--or didn't you know, love?
Tell me, how could I leave when I left long ago, love?
Could I leave you?
No, the point is, could you leave me?
Well, I guess you could leave me the house,
Leave me the flat,
Leave me the Braques and Chagalls and all that.
You could leave me the stocks for sentiment's sake
And ninety percent of the money you make.
And the rugs
And the cooks--
Darling, you keep the drugs.
Angel, you keep the books,
Honey, I'll take the grand,
Sugar you keep the spinet
And all of our friends and--
Just wait a goddam minute!
Oh, leave you? Leave you?
How could I leave you?
Sweetheart, I have to confess:
Could I leave you?
Will I leave you?
Will I leave you?

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